The Truth About Rippln – The New Viral Communication App

What Is Rippln?

Rippln ReviewThe Rippln Buzz that sweeping the Internet right now. You may have heard of Rippln if your one of the lucky few to be invited, if not then I’m here to tell you Rippln is a cutting edge, one of a kind mobile app platform that makes it possible for anybody, and I mean anybody to profit from the exploding mobile application industry.

Rippln is a brand new FREE mobile application that will change the way we communicate. It’s the first mobile platform to reward people for their own social network. Rippln is a new viral mobile app that is going to grow possibly faster than Email and Facebook!

The Rippln app is bringing a long-overdue transparency to the social engagement business and has created a new monetary model for “eyeball acquisition”. With Rippln, people will finally be able to see the impact of their social graph on the market and have the chance to profit from it.

This transparency is important because in recent years huge companies and apps have relied on users’ social influence to grow their companies by one person telling another person. That influence had never been disclosed, Until right now with Rippln, although it is clearly valuable. Once users are put into the profit equation, there may be no going back.

This is your golden opportunity to put yourself in position to capitalize on these three emerging markets Mobile, Apps and Gamification.

Rippln – The New Viral Communication App

This will spread across the globe like a ripple in a pond that a stone has been thrown into. You now have the opportunity to be at the centre of that ripple!

The app also offers a chance for people to monetize their ripple. We are talking about significant passive income from revenue generated by app users world wide. As your ripple grows you receive income any time that someone uses the app to buy flowers, game tickets, movie tickets etc. It’s time that regular people have a chance to earn passive income simply from sharing a useful tool with those they know.

The Rippln mobile app is available through limited invite only. Once you have the app, than you can invite other people. You will see in real time how your ripple grows as your friends invite others.

Rippln projects that in 12 months 20 million people will have this app, and by 24 to 30 months in that number to be 200 million users! Position youeself in the center of the ripple!

Rippln is ready to explode over the Internet… It’s set to be the biggest thing on the internet, bigger than Facebook.

Are You Rippln?

Let’s Get Ready To Ripple!

Are you ready to Ripple? If you would like a personal invite to Rippln and start you’re ripples around the world then send me your name and email using the contact form. The Buzz is on… Be part of it now!

There you have it… If your not in now then you may regret it later.


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